RACE RECAP: Gorge Waterfalls 50K

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Wyeth Trailhead aka the staring line! If you want to know what it is like to run a race with 6,000ft of climbing, on very limited training with injury, please continue reading.  I started the race off just as planned: EASY. I made sure to position myself behind a group of people where if the pace felt too easy, then it was perfect. I felt really good with where I was running. I didn’t feel like I was straining and I made sure to check my breathing rate often to make sure I was never going anaerobic on any the hills. A group of four of us found each other around mile 6.5 and all started chatting. Two of us were nursing injuries, one had been sick all week and the other guy said nothing. I am sure he thought we were all psycho for even being out there! But then again, he is an ultra-runner, too. We’re all a little weird. 🙂 We were having a blast keeping the pace lax, and chatting away about races we had run. When we came into the first aid station at mile 9 it was a bit chaotic and I could’t find any of them when I was ready to leave. Also, Coach Dad decided to tell me I was in 10th position. Considering I am not competitive at all (major sarcasm), this race just got real. Since I couldn’t find any of my new buds, I set out solo. Thankfully, two of them were not far behind me and we regrouped. One of the guys, named Aaron (cool na me, bro!) decided it was time for him to take off and left me and my new friend Summer to run. Her and I were clipping right along. We were passing people, chatting and really having a good time. I informed her that we were top 10 and we made a goal that we would finish this race that way.  She pulled ahead just before we came in to the second aid station and I never saw her again.  Good job opening your big mouth, Erin. (She ended up winning like a total badass!) At aid station two Coach Dad told me I had moved from 10th to 5th.  Things were really real now! We started a section of the course that was a 2-mile stretch on the road, exposed to sun and my quads had already started pushing me into the pain cave. This was probably the one of the lower mental spots that I hit along the way. I knew a lot of people would take advantage of the flat and try to push their pace. I decided to chill because I knew we had one heck of a climb ahead of us and if my knee and lack of fitness was going to get me to 31 miles, I...

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Forward Motion

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I finished off 2015 with surgery on my left wrist to remove hardware from a previous break. At my one week check up my surgeon told me he “recommends” I wait another week before running as to be safe from getting an infection or falling and re-injuring the bone. Naturally, I went running the next day. With Gorges 50k only about 12 weeks away, I couldn’t (mentally) afford to wait for another week of no running. I am already behind where I want to be and have to proceed with caution since this pesky Plica Syndrome seems to have grown ever fonder of my knee. I was been able to get in some decent running prior to surgery and today I was finally able to get in my first workout. Since it was MLK day I was able to meet up with Coach Dad for some hill repeats along the bike path. Although they weren’t at a real hard effort, it felt good to be doing something other than an hour of easy running and I feel like it is a step in the right direction. I need to keep reminding myself that right now any forward motion is progress and that every time I do run – no matter the pace – I am getting more fit, I am getting stronger and I am not sitting on the couch! I followed my run today with a strength session at The Ranch Athletics and so far I am feeling really good – other than wanting to take a nap! The holiday allowed me to take a day to focus entirely on training and it seems to be what I needed to get me back on the training wagon. I am looking forward to being back on a regimented training plan and to be able to race again soon! “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”...

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