Enough is enough…or is it?

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Music from my alarm clock fires at 4:15. I stumble out of bed and shuffle down the hallway in time for my watch to holler its’ tune.  My feet ache with the first few steps, my hips are tight and my legs are heavy. Lately I’ve had many conversations with myself about whether I’ve had enough of long course Ironman training.  It’s not easy. That’s plain and simple. I train every day during the week for 2-3 hours and 4-8 hours on the weekends.  I get anxious when my job requires I begin work earlier than expected because I know it will impact my training. My schedule (work, training, and family) is so packed that I can’t afford an extra 30 minutes of make-up anything.  I don’t watch TV or read books unless I’m on vacation because I can’t afford to miss out on necessary sleep.  Is life passing me by while I’m focused on chasing my dream of qualifying for Ironman Kona?

I don’t want to miss out on anything. Not my daughter’s prom preparation, not a day trip to SF with family, and not even a special work event.  Truth be told, I typically don’t miss out on these things…what I miss out on is sleep, recovery, and the little things.  The little things can actually be the best things though. These are the casual conversations with friends without worry about having to get to the next task at hand, the spontaneous visits with my parents without having it scheduled a month in advance, or laughing with my husband before bed over a silly television program.  So why then can’t I let go?  I could train for sprint, olympic, or even half ironman distance and spend a fraction of the time.  What is it about Ironman that keeps me coming back for more? Enough is enough…or is it?

Kona is the “Big Show”. People who don’t know Ironman don’t know what it takes to get to Kona.  “You’ve done Hawaii, right?  I want to be able to say, “YES, I’ve done Hawaii, YES I qualified for WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS”! I’m not a lottery kind of gal, if I go to the show it’s because I earned a spot. Truth is, I’m more interested in simply qualifying for Kona than DOING Kona.  I’m scared to death to experience Kona’s wrath but I figure I will deal with that when the time comes.    I’m currently training for IM Santa Rosa but I have not registered, just can’t pull the trigger quite yet. My mind is not ready, I’m still debating if I’ve had enough. The little things seem bigger somehow. If I decide Ironman distance is too much for  2017,  one thing is for sure, I will one day make it to the BIG SHOW.

Keeping it real,